Young1 Walmart Credit card payment is an electronic payment method that is quick with a lot of convenience in settling bills. However, the credit card is available to those who have good credit performance records, and its issuance is through General Electronic Money Bank (GEMB), business card and Discover card. The card is accepted everywhere there is Discover Network mark allowing online payment without necessarily walking into the store or mailing a check. Therefore, it does not matter the card you possess – it is still possible to make your electronic payments.

Walmart credit card payment options are available both in stores and online and eligible using checks, cash as well as money orders. Below are a number of payment options offered to its credit card holders:

Walmart store Payment

Any payments to your account is acceptable at any of the Walmart chain stores using money orders, cash or checks. Remember that there are no credit card balances allowed to use a different card. Just like Visa, MasterCard, you have to produce your card while making any payment to avoid time wastage when a store attendant figures out your personal details. The payment details are sent your account in 24 to 48 hours.

Walmart e-Payment

In order to use this service, it is mandatory to sign up at for an account. Once you have an account up running, you can log in and go to the e-Payment option to select your Walmart credit card payment options. Here you’ll find the following options: to make last statement balance, current c or rather, an amount not more than it, and minimum payment. You should avail your account information along with a valid money-market account.

Sam’s Club location

This is another venue where as a Walmart credit cardholder is able to make payments either in checks, money order or cash, but unless you are a member at the Sam’s Club location.


CheckFree is also another online channel that can accept your payment, and you will have to register with this site to make your payment. It requires a money-market or checking account to comfortably use this service. Transactions usually take two business days.
Being a Walmart credit cardholder also comes with benefits such as three cent savings at any Walmart filling station and earn one percent cash on all your purchases. Besides the benefits, you can succumb to late fee penalties if you make for your payments past the deadlines.

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